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The Role of the Beneficiary

Cathedral Giving By Design is a community outreach project sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women of the Cathedral of St. Philip. Each year, Cathedral Giving By Design (formerly the Cathedral Antiques Show) is produced through the close working partnership between the committee and the designated beneficiary.

Collaboration with Cathedral Giving By Design (CGBD) offers an opportunity to further the beneficiary’s mission by increasing community awareness, expanding its donor base, and further developing existing supporters.

The Partnership

•    The Executive Director and the Development Director of the beneficiary shall serve on the CGBD Committee and attend monthly committee meetings, which are held monthly for the four months leading up to the event.

•    The beneficiary shall appoint two to six people to serve on the CGBD Corporate Sponsor Committee.  They are expected to attend committee meetings which will be set monthly, as needed, during the six months prior to the event.  These members will help identify potential sponsors, assist in determining the most appropriate person to contact these corporations, and provide follow-up visits, phone calls, or emails to finalize commitments and secure payment of pledged monies.

•    A staff member of the beneficiary, such as the Development Director, will serve as the day-to-day liaison between the beneficiary and the CGBD.

•    The beneficiary will identify Board members or volunteers to assist on other committees of the CGBD, such as PR and Communications.

•    The beneficiary will provide volunteers for other activities of the CGBD, such as helping with mailings, nametags, and general office administration.  Volunteers will also be needed to help during the event.

•    The beneficiary should actively encourage attendance at all events by members of its Board, staff, and other supporters.


Information Required

•    The beneficiary shall provide the names and contact information for all Board members, large donors, and corporate sponsors.

•    The beneficiary shall provide copies of the organization’s latest financial reports and a preliminary budget for the proposed use of proceeds.

•    The beneficiary shall provide a one-page write-up for the Corporate and Patron solicitation packages, including high resolution (at least 300 dpi) digital photos.

•    The beneficiary shall provide a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) PNG or EPS file of its logo.

•    The beneficiary shall provide “boiler plate” information for use in press releases and other media outlets.

•    A spreadsheet of potential patrons for the Patron solicitation packages needs to be supplied.  CGBD will furnish the format for the spreadsheet.

•    A one-page write-up on the beneficiary for inclusion in the event program, along with high resolution (at least 300 dpi) digital photos, must be made available.

•    Additional information may be required for dissemination in newsletters, on websites, or through email blasts.

•    One year following the event, the beneficiary is required to provide a written progress report on the use of the proceeds.

Additional Responsibilities

•    The beneficiary will be asked to present its mission at various events prior to the event, including but not limited to:  the Fall Kickoff Coffee; the Dean’s Forum; and certain Episcopal Church Women Guild meetings.

•    The Board of the beneficiary should be encouraged to make its annual donations under the CGBD umbrella and actively solicit associated corporations for support.

•    The Development Director must keep a running list of donations made directly to the beneficiary by CGBD Patrons and Corporate Sponsors.

•    The beneficiary will identify ways for the Cathedral community to volunteer and support the beneficiary throughout the year and beyond the event.

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