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Our 2024 Beneficiary:


In 2024, Cathedral Giving By Design will celebrate and support The Boyce L. Ansley School.

The Ansley School educates children in our community experiencing homelessness in Kindergarten through 4th grade and provides vital support services for their families to break generational cycles of poverty and housing insecurity. Mark your calendars to join us as we raise the necessary funds for the Ansley School to add a 5th grade class in 2024! 

“The Ansley School is changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable children and their families in Atlanta. They are not only providing quality, consistent education for unhoused children, but also working with their families who are navigating the perils of poverty. The Ansley School is doing pivotal work to improve the lives of unhoused families in our city.”  
— Mary Perrin, 2024 Honorary Chair

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Save the date to join us for a two day celebration of design and hospitality!
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