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How to Find Your Tickets

New in 2024, Cathedral Giving By Design uses OneCause to distribute and manage tickets to our event. We will not be mailing paper tickets.

1️⃣ Sign in to OneCause with the email you used to purchase your tickets (or that you provided with your sponsorship paperwork if you are a Patron, Corporate Sponsor, or Design Circle member).


Or, check your email with the subject line “Manage your tickets for Cathedral Giving by Design: January 19 & 20, 2024!”


❗️It may have gone to your spam folder, so please do not forget to check there. This email has links directly to your ticket management.


2️⃣ Once logged into OneCause, you can see and manage your tickets, credit card information (helpful if you plan to attend the Welcome Party Friday night) and receipts for any purchases.

3️⃣ Register yourself and add your guests in OneCause:


  • If you are attending, you should assign one ticket for each event to yourself, entering your email, cell phone number, and payment information (if applicable).

  • If you wish to invite someone else to attend and use a ticket that you purchased, you can enter their name and email. If your guest will attend more than one event, simply enter their name for all subsequent events (no need to re-enter their email).

    This goes for you too, if you are attending more than one event.

How to Check in at the Events

Option 1: Ideally, you will use OneCause to "Get QR Code" to scan at each event. This will allow your fastest and smoothest entry.

Option 2: You can also check in at each event by giving your name to a check-in attendant.


For the Tour of Homes, you will check in at the first house you tour and will be handed a punch card for speedy access to the other houses on tour. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Will I receive paper tickets?
    No, in 2024 all tickets will be provided digitally through OneCause. 


  2. I am still not comfortable using digital tickets. Can I still attend?
    Absolutely! At event check-in, you will provide your name and email address used for purchase.  If you are attending as someone's guest, please arrive with them. 

  3. Where are these fabulous homes on the home tour?
    If you have purchased a ticket to the Tour of Homes, we will share the addresses with you via email three days before the event.  The email will come from "Cathedral Giving By Design" and will be sent through OneCause.  

If you still have questions about your tickets, please send an email to

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