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Thank you to our 2024 Patrons 

Cathedral Giving By Design would not be possible without the support of our community of Patrons. Patrons enjoy unique benefits, and their generous gifts will make a lasting difference in the lives of our fellow Atlantans, who receive all of the proceeds from the event.  


The Ballard Family


Jimmy and Jackie Cushman
Anne and Merritt Dyke
Anne and John Portman


Shepherd Ansley, Anna Ansley Davis and Arch Davis, and Poncie Ansley
Nancy and John Beane
Sara and Steven Blackwood
Lyons Brewer
Boog and Sam Candler
Carol Clark
Carol Goodman
Sarah and Jim Kennedy
Tucker and Dan Mahoney
Anne and Randy Martin
Bridget and Al Ritter
Nancy and Randy Rizor
Catesby Perrin and Jenny Tolan
Kimberley and Todd Snell


Sharon and Bonneau Ansley, Jr
Ann and Larry Burns
Lee and Sunny Burrows
John Champion and Penelope Malone
Duvall and Rex Fuqua

Kate and Sanders Hearne
Allison and Ben Hill
Gail Johnson
Harry Lamon, Jr
Anne and Chip Matthews
Carter and Hampton Morris
Mary and Felton Norwood
Mary Hall Perrin
Carli and Steve Reis
Christy and Wes Rogers
Nancy and Al Sherrod
Melanie Turner and Stan Benecki
Tiffany and Rob Walton


Beckie and John Amos
Jane and David Apple
Sandra and Dan Baldwin
Barbara and Frank Bazzel
Becky and Ted Bender
Vicky and Charlie Benedict
Jane and Brad Bourne
Cindra and Marshall Brown
Madonna and Ken Brownlee
Karen and Rod Bunn
Sally and David Burge
Nancy Carithers
Lynn Cochran
Carol and Charles Doty
Sandy and John Foxworth

Sharon Gay and Neil Schemm

Mary Bruce and Phil Glaize
Cameron and Robert Glass
Robin and John Gleason
Elizabeth and Patrick Harps

Kate and Ronald Henry
Beth and Tommy Holder
Lauren and Jay Holder
Fay Howell
Kathryn and Evan Howell
Jennifer and Scott Irvin
Gina and Ryan Jones
Perrin and Bryan Kibler
Holly Kiely
Morgan and Charlie King
Margaret and Ted Kresge
Jane and Hicks Lanier
Ruth and Reese Lanier
Brenda and Ham Magill
Margaret Ann and Wallace Marsh
Yancey and John McCollum
Pamela and Terry Melton
Mary and John Mercer
Anne and Paul Miller
Barbara Day Miller and Bill Miller
Julia and Jack Mitchener
Carter and Bill Monroe
Megan and Wade Morris
Andi and Doug O’Bryan

Hugh and Leslie Ogburn
Meg and Kevin O’Keefe
Ali and Clay Prickett
Lombard and Everett Puri
Hamilton and Kevin Reavey
Jo and Brad Reeves
Julie and Rocky Rief
Kathryn and Don Roberts
Mollie and Steve Sloan

Dean and Bronson Smith
Elizabeth and Jerry Spangler
Daisy and Mac Starr
Meredith and Darrell Sutton
Cindy and Nassim Taleb

Laura and Peter Troup
Jennifer and Dan Van Horn
Judy Van Os
Becky and Tom Williams
Marion and Hamilton Williams
Lynn and Sam Wilmoth
Melinda and Mike Wilson


Fayne Ansley
Beth and Matt Anthony
Betsy and John Bacon
Claudia Barnes
Tomi and Doug Bays
Claire and Gordon Benedict
Kathy and George Bird

Andrea and Aaron Block
Mary and Ward Bondurant
Katie and Watt Boone
Susan Brooks
Kay and Charles Brown
Sissy Burke
Sandra Carey
Julie Herron Carson and Neville Carson
Sara and Donnie Chapman
Jill Chestnut-Brennan

Rebecca and Mick Cochran
Mary Caroline Cravens and Will Sugden
Kendrick and Paul Dopp
B.J. Erb and Bruce Crabtree, III
Shana Evans-Bassett
Nancy and Max Ferguson
David Fishburn
Grace and John Foster
Heyward and J.P. Fougerousse
Barbara and Tom Frolik

Anne and Drury Ghegan
Joan and Bob Gilbert
Lauren Giles and Duncan Dougl

Susan and Bart Graham
Debbie and David Gray

Nena Griffith
Mary and David Haddow
Jeannie and Karl Haden
Betty Hall
Marcy and Clay Herron
Susan Hull
Jennie and Tom Hyman, Jr
Hillary Shaw and John Hyman
Marianne and Ben Jenkins
Jane and Addison Lanier, III

Molly and Tommy Lanier

Millie and Bob Lathan

Ami and John Lisko
Kris and Dan Mahoney
Doug and Tavia McCuean

Sarah and Cam McElroy
Georgeann and Mac McGrew
Lethea and Doug Mitchell
Mary Chase and Christopher Mize
Mark Mosier
Ansley and Coby Nixon
Emily and Jason O’Rouke
Willson and David Overend
Susan and Robert Patterson
Lucy and Richard Perry
Janie and Rick Sager
Nell and Bret Schiller
Fred Scott
Anne and David Stacy
Seashols Starks

Sara and Andrew Szymke
Michele and Ellison Thomas
Laura and Jake Turrentine

Lee Harper and Wayne Vason
Terry and Wes Vawter
Alice Watson

Leigh and Spencer Welch
Lynne and Warren Wood
Mimi and Gerry Woodruff
Mary Semmes Wright

Cathy Zappa


Carol and Newell Baker
Deborah Blackwood-Tippens
Julie and James Brawner
Betty and Frank Deigaard
Meriel Gregory
Jane and Hollis Lamon
Alice McDonough

Sally Menning 
Rena Ann Peck

Betty Robertson
Linda and Garfield Rosengren
Mary Beth and Steve Saylor
Ursula and Hans Teeuw
Allyson and Michael Vincent
Connie and Larry Woltz

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