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Thank you to our 2021 Patrons 

Patrons of the Show enjoy unique benefits, and your generous gift will help to make a lasting difference in the lives of our fellow Atlantans. The Cathedral of St Philip receives no funding from the Show.

Please see below for a list of our valued patrons:


Ann and Larry Burns


Anne and Merritt Dyke

Duvall and Rex Fuqua

Beth and Tommy Holder

Lorri and Forrest McClain

Nancy and Randy Rizor


Boog and Sam Candler

Mary Wayne and Bill Dixon

Tish and John Inman

Pamela Isdell

Sarah and Jim Kennedy

Anne and Chip Matthews


Kate and Lyons Brewer

The Dancu Foundation

Eileen and Bo DuBose

Newell and Tom Harbin

John and Brandon Hayden-Nivens

Kim and Warren Jolly

Molly and Tommy Lanier

Jan and Tom Linder

Penelope Malone and John Champion

Anne and Randy Martin

Jenny and Alan McClure

Linda Kay and John McGowan

Barbara Day and Bill Miller

Tish and Rowland Radford

Carolyn and Bill Shiverick

Elizabeth and Jerry Spangler

Anita and Mike Thomas

Marion and Hamilton Williams


Elizabeth Ansley Allan

Sandra and Dan Baldwin

Nancy and John Beane

Becky and Ted Bender

Christina Blackney

Mary and Ward Bondurant

Cindra and Marshall Brown

Chris and Alex Cann

Susan and Jeffrey Cimbalo

Sandra and Jeffrey Cross

Laura and Joe Cullen

Margaret and Dallas Denny

Charles Elrod

Roberta and Skip Foley

Grace and John Foster

Sandy and John Foxworth

Susan and Bart Graham

Debbie and David Gray

Helen and Jeff Herbert

Barbara and Bruce Irvine

Perrin and Bryan Kibler

Margaret and Ted Kresge

Jane and Hicks Lanier

Ruth and Reese Lanier

Tina and Ken Manning

Yancey and John McCollum

Georgeann and Mac McGrew

Mary and John Mercer

Anne and Paul Miller

Dinah G. Moog

William E. Pennington

Mary Hall Perrin

Paula and Mike Phelan

Lombard and Everett Puri

Mary Anne Quin

Cynthia and Michael Reid

Kelley and Ray Riddle

Eleanor Ridley

Randie and Bright Skinner

Jennifer and Dan Van Horn

Terry and Wes Vawter

Caroline and John Wallace

Linda DeFoor Wickham

Anne C. Willingham

Robert Yellowlees


Jane and David Apple

Yum and Ross Arnold

Katy Barksdale

Lola and Charlie Battle

Barbara and Frank Bazzel

Kathy and George Bird

Jan and Bill Bomar

Margaret and Ed Bosbyshell

Jill Chestnut Brennan

Lisa and William Bridges

Deborah M. Brink

Sunny and Lee Burrows

Sandra Carey

Nancy Carithers

Molly and Doug Childers

Grecia and Richard Cox

BJ and Bruce Crabtree

Lee Espy

Dottie and Jimmy Fluker

Anne and Drury Ghegan

Joan and Bob Gilbert

Carrie and Hal Grayson

Beverly T. Gwynn

Catherine and Dick Haining

Betty Hall

Jenny Ham and Barbara Maples

Marcy and Clay Herron

Katherine and Ray Hill

Mary and Ed Holmes

Jennie and Tom Hyman

Kerry and Bailey Izard

Ada and Harry Lamon

Millie and Bob Lathan

Patricia Lewis

Lorraine McGillivary

Kathryn McGrew

Helen F. McSwain

Lethea and Doug Mitchell

Tricia and Hod Nalle

Kay and Dudley Ottley

Dianne and Vern Otwell

Lucy and Richard Perry

Julie and Rocky Rief

Cinda and Vince Riggio

Griff and Charles Smithgall

Anne and David Stacy

Seashols N. Starks

Dale L. Thompson

Nan and Tommy Tucker

Pam and Jack Walz

Buddy Weston

Leah and Bob Wilkerson

Dean DuBose Smith


Julie Allison

Sally and David Burge

Carolyn and Tim Dwyer

Janet and Edward Faught

Meriel M. Gregory

Mary and David Haddow

Jeannie Mahood

Carolyn and Bill McClatchey

William P. Miller

Carole and Abner Moore

Rena Ann Peck

Karen Summerour

Nancy and William Tribble

Susan Troutman

Lynne and Warren Wood

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